Italian Job Lamborghini Miura for Octane

An amazing job this one – photographing the Lamborghini Miura that was in the Italian Job.

The brief was to somehow reflect the fact that the car is famous for being in an Italian tunnel at the start of the film (where it comes to a sticky end). We shot the car in the studio with a “moonlight” feel, but when I got the shots home I thought there might be something to be done with the famous slatted rear window louvres. Maybe this could be our tunnel?

I constructed various scenes in Cinema 4D and lit them quite moodily in that application. With a bit of hit-and-miss fiddling with perspectives it seemed to work quite well? A bit of louvre action and a bit of tunnel feel…

The images above show:

  • The car arriving at the studio
  • The final magazine output
  • The original studio images (for once they were nearly a single shot per view rather than a multi-image comp)
  • A screen grab showing the C4D 3D construction on my Mac
  • The final C4D renders
  • The final images as sent to Octane Magazine