BMW M4 Vs Jaguar F-Type

A bit of a cheeky one this for EVO magazine as Henry Catchpole, David Vivian and I had been asked by BMW to go out and test their new M4. The mag thought it would be much more amusing if we also brought along Jaguar’s new F-type coupe so we could compare the two.

All very hush-hush over the evening meal the night before the shoot, as we didn’t know how BMW would appreciate such underhand tactics. Turns out of course that everyone else had had exactly the same idea and the local scenery was awash with F-Types the next day.

I always find it a challenge photographing anything other than buildings in direct sunshine. The rule is that buildings need blue sky and direct light, and cars need sunset or dawn and no direct light at all. A fun shoot though, made easier by having a nice support driver from Jaguar who’d come along to look after their baby, but who in fact ended up fixing the BMW when a hose fell off. Oh how we laughed…